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We have created the most secure and effective Apex Legends Aimbot to date. Packed with security to protect your investment. Enjoy our customizable Aimbot, ESP/Wallhack and more! Settings by the top users for our Apex Legends Aimbot are available in our private Discord channels, accessible with a Full Apex Legends Cheat License.

Created by a team of developers with over 15 years of combined experience in the gaming cheat industry.  Our customers are the center of our business model. Your satisfaction and security are the foundation of our service.  We have always focused on providing secure cheats for our users that stand the test of time. You can see our history of positive feedback on many cheat forums across the web.

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To Say About Gorilla Cheats

I have used several different loaders since the beginning of Apex legends and this one has been flawless and with it's added security even on the discord channel it's on point. No crashes ever and no need to disable firewalls like the other cheats I have seen on here.. along with fact it's never been detected and the dev is always making upgrades based on what we the users want makes this top notch..
Don't hesitate to buy this it's legit and works better then almost all the others on here...
I have purchased from Gorilla Cheats, and I will tell you right now, this is one of the best developers I have used in terms of quality, they have constant updates, it works flawlessly where you don't have to install or do any special bios trickery like you do with other cheats, it's a simply start and go process on Windows 10 (not sure about other OS). The price is beyond fair for the quality and customer service that is offered. I look forward to other projects produced by them.
Highly Recommended.
Vouch from me! Having a blast using this aimbot in the last 24 hours. This project just started and i am glad, that i purchased the monthly package. Easy to install, easy to use, the ESP and especially the adjustable smoothness is really good for a project in this price range. After the first week i will write a longer review. Heads up, this tool and especially the developer are great.
Highly Recommended.
I have never ever written a review but since this hack s so perfect. The owner is also the coder not like other websites which buy from the coder and sell it for users. I used to use Iwantcheats, they worked fine until I got banned. I understand the risk of cheating so it's ok to me. I prefer this hack cuz It s updated everyday and the owner willing to chat with users everyday.
100% recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gorilla Cheats was made public in March of 2019 with a focus on FPS and Battle Royale genres. However, the team behind Gorilla Cheats has been in the gaming cheat market for years, originating in the MMORPG space. Additionally, the team has been working together since 2013 on large scale projects. This is the culmination of our hard work and experience in the gaming cheat space.

Gorilla Cheats focuses on the FPS and Battle Royale genres. However, where the people go, we go. As new genres rise in popularity, we will focus on providing secure, feature rich applications to enhance your game-play on these new titles. We are not partial to any genre and have the capabilities to support any game depending on demand from our users.

Gorilla Cheats is based out of the Russian Federation. With that being said, there are some limitations to forms of payment we can accept. Currently, we accept PayPal from non-business and non-Russian accounts, as well as Bitcoin (BTC). All orders are automatically processed, with licenses and permissions being delivered at the moment of payment receipt. No need to wait.

Unlike any other providers, we have a formal structure designed around customer satisfaction, not short-term financial gain. All of our cheats are developed in-house, using methods that are not public. This market is filled with imitators, and copy/paste money-grab warriors. That’s not how we roll. We are here to set the new standard for satisfaction in the gaming cheat market.

Currently, Gorilla Cheats only focuses on PC based games. The main reason for this focus is longevity, and reliability. For now, and the foreseeable future PC will always be the top of the heap in regards to gameplay experience and performance. Instead of focusing on generation-based consumer hardware, our PC based applications are much more reliable and sustainable.

Gorilla Cheats produces all of our cheats in-house. We do not re-use code from other applications or from public sources. We do not work with, or endorse re-sellers. This puts us ahead of the pack in regards to our customers account security. While it is impossible to always avoid detection, we certainly take our customers account security extremely seriously. 

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